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Our attentive staff works efficiently to process all orders in a timely fashion to ensure all of our customer's weddings go off without a hitch! Vivaha Poolajada prides itself in offering brides a wide selection of wedding favors and accessories that are sure to complement their style wedding day. Vivaha Poola jada, a Complete House of Wedding Accessories offers all bride essentials with unique designs. Vivaha Poolajada sold its first wedding accessory to a bride in Hyderabad after the site was launched in 2012.

Our products are made with the finest materials and are beautifully crafted. All of our products are all quality items. Products: Addutera,Ungarala Bindi/panakala Bindi,Karpuram/elachi garlands,Kobbari kudakalu,Kobbari bondam,Flower jewellery,Poola dandalu/garlands,Poola jada Mangala snanam concept,Navaratna talmbralu,Pallem chembu,Pelli peetalu Kadi Kasiyatra set,Pelli butta/chinnu buttalu,Sanikalu,Aviredu/garigamuntha,Pallaki Malle/muthyala pandiri,Rolurokali,Engagement trays.

We understand how important your wedding or special event is to you and we are confident that you will be satisfied with your purchase.

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